Large Groups with Coastal Retreats

Thank you for booking, or considering booking, your holiday with us. We’d like to help you have a most enjoyable stay.

All of our properties are privately owned holiday homes and as such we ask that they are treated with respect. When holidaying as a large group, we do ask that a certain number of Do’s and Don’ts are adhered to. We want to maintain the high standard of our properties, keep our cottage owners happy, but do want you to have a good time too!

So please remember:

  • Large ‘open house’ style parties are not permitted in any of our cottages – small celebration gatherings and dinners are welcome but nothing on a large scale (unless previously discussed with us on behalf of the owners).
  • No tents, hot tubs or mobile homes to be brought to the property unless discussed and agreed with us at time of booking.
  • Any party paraphernalia such as balloons, banners, confetti etc. must be removed before departure and any blu-tac etc. marks made good.
  • Please take all of your bottles to the nearest bottle bank and any excess rubbish to the tip as our refuse bins are not designed to cope with large quantities and our local Council doesn’t take away glass.
  • If your group is renting more than one house, please ensure that any items borrowed from another house are returned to their rightful home.
  • As with all our cottages, any damage should be reported to us as soon as possible so that remedial action can be taken and where appropriate payment will be deducted from your security deposit.

In summary, have a great time but please just clear up any undue mess as you would in your own home.

Thank You!


The Retreats Housekeeping team