Left property

Personal Property left in our Coastal Retreats

We do try to remind everyone to check high and low for all their property on departure day.

However, if items are left in the cottages, we do ask for your patience in finding and returning them to you. In reading the following, you may get a better understanding of the process involved in retrieving property from our cottages and why an immediate solution is not always possible.

When items are found following a guest’s departure which obviously do not belong to the cottage, such as clothing, the housekeeping team removes them for safe-keeping. They are then passed to our office, which is 40 miles or so away from most of our properties, and depending on staff movements, the items may not reach the office until the week after they have been left.

Please understand that less personal items left, such as a cooking pot or a child’s toy, may not attract the attention of the housekeeping team, as they may just think it belongs to the house, so these may not necessarily be removed and by the time you call us to enquire, there may be new guests in the cottage so we can no longer have access. In such circumstances, we may have to wait until the new guests have departed before we can find an item.

If the item appears to be desperately important, such as a purse or wallet, we will try get in touch with you, but otherwise, we do not call to ask if you have left something less vital behind.

If you get in touch, we will endeavour to locate the property you are missing, but please understand that there will be a minimum £10 charge to cover our time and postage. This may be more depending on the size of the item.

Any unclaimed items, after one month, are donated to our local charity shop.

One final thought; for small items, if you have left them and they might benefit the cottage, such as a local guide book or game, why not consider leaving it for the benefit of future guests, when the cost and effort entailed in returning them may outweigh the importance of the item?