Your favourite Northumberland seasons

Coastal Retreats Blog 21 February 2020

Autumn leaves at The Apple Store

In a recent Facebook competition, we asked you to tell us which is your favourite Northumberland season. Many of you said that you loved Northumberland all year round and that each season was appealing in its own way. But a Northumberland autumn made it to the top with 36% of the vote, closely followed by spring and summer. Only a handful of people said a Northumberland winter was their favourite making up just 6% of the vote.

Here’s some of the reasons why you said you enjoyed particular times of year in Northumberland the most.


The magnificent colourful landscape of trees with red, gold and orange leaves is the main pull for visitors at this time of year, along with less tourists and the fact that the weather can still be quite mild. Guest Ian Brown summed it up nicely: “Autumn is the most underrated. The tourists diminish as the children go back to school at the end of the summer and the harvest is in. It feels very special.”

Holy Island in Spring


If the changing colours of the trees appealed to people at autumn time, it is the awakening of nature in the spring that made this season a close second, with 29% of the vote. Valerie Strachan said: “I love Northumberland in the springtime when the days are starting to get longer and nature is waking up after a long hard winter.” While guest Richard Spedding said he is drawn to the floral displays and walking opportunities. He commented: “I love the springtime in Northumberland with the catkins on the trees and the daffodils and other bulbs in blossom. Cold, clear days, wonderful for walking.”

The beach below Beadnell Beach House


The joy of spending long summer days on the beach, rock pooling, swimming or paddling with the sun on your back was what made 27% of you say that summer was your favourite season. While some people loved July and August the most, many of you said that June was the best time before the busy holiday season got into full swing. Guest Heather Smith said that although you can always find a quiet spot in Northumberland, early June was her favourite when the sky is blue, the wind has dropped and you can walk ‘along a cliff or beach to a distant castle’.

Bamburgh Castle in the snow


Winter may have been the least favourite Northumberland season, but for those who like it the most, it is enjoying a walk on a quiet Northumberland beach in cold, crisp sunny weather and cosying up by a log burning fire that made it their first choice.

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